Please consider volunteering

Over the past few years, the number of volunteers has dwindled as a result of transfers, job requirements, and family duties. Hence, the Detroit Illini Club needs help if we are to continue to grow our activities and programs.

The Club needs new faces with new ideas from Illini Alumni who can bring their energy and talent necessary to grow our Club.


AMBASSADORS: Estimated time required: 1-2 hours per opportunity

Support the Office of Admissions by providing personal contact with potential new freshmen students from SE Michigan.

Support the program your individual College (i.e. Eng, LSA, AG, etc.) by providing assistance for any programs which the College holds in SE Michigan.

Support the Detroit Illini Club by providing assistance when the Club hosts visiting dignitaries from the three campuses. Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield

PATHFINDERS: Estimated time required: 3-5 hours per opportunity


Pathfinder volunteers will be the first or last on location at picnics, tailgate parties. First on location Pathfinders will claim adjacent parking spaces, set up tents, tables, and cookers. After the event, another group of Pathfinders will police the area; take down the tents, chairs, tables, and cookers.

ADMINISTRATIVE VOLUNTEERS: Est. time required: 1-3 hours per opportunity


Administrative Volunteers will assist the Officers, Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Event Managers with an array of duties as designated by the leaders that range from stuffing envelopes, counting receipts, hosting sign-in tables, etc.

OFFICERS & BOARD MEMBERS: For duties and time requirements see By-laws and discuss with the Club President.




The Detroit Illini Club currently has two (2) vacancies on the Board of Directors. We need volunteers to fill these spots so that The Club has input from many diverse sources.

If you wish to become a member of the Board of Directors please contact our Club President at president@detroitilliniclub.com .

For Board Member duties see the By-Laws section of this web-site